Action Alerts

Action Alerts provides you with a powerful, effective and always up-to-date website, accessible anytime, anywhere. This service can help to motivate and alert your membership to the issues important to your organization and also empower them with a way to contact the General Assembly or only specific legislators which can, in turn, increase your political clout. This unique service can help you shape the political landscape in Pennsylvania by empowering your membership to become grassroots advocates.

Why use Action Alerts? Action Alerts gives your membership the opportunity to weigh in on critical legislative issues in a timely fashion. Keeping your membership up-to-date on the latest developments in Harrisburg is essential to effectively influence legislation important to your organization. Enhance your message; pair Voter + with your Toolbox to share legislative votes with your members.

The alerts can provide:
* Background information on your issues
* Bills important to you, with current status and history, with or without remarks
* Your position(s) on bills
* Comprehensive contact information
* Sample letters
* Tips for writing, calling, or visiting your legislators
* Links to petitions that can be formatted for your members to print out and obtain signatures
* Targeted emails with customized messages
* The ability to link to your PayPal account to accept donations to support your cause
* Post a featured alert to your website

Alerts can be archived, should you wish to use them again in the future.

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